Statwing is much more efficient to use if your dataset is formatted very cleanly.  None of the below are critical to using Statwing, but you'll ultimately be far more efficient in Statwing if you take the time to do the below:

  • Cell values should use text labels like "Dog" and "Cat" instead of "1" & "2" (where "1" represents "Dog" and "2" represents cat) 
  • Descriptive but not overly verbose column headers
    • A column header like "Q2" makes it more difficult to quickly run and interpret analyses
    • A column header like "Q2: Favorite pet" or "Favorite pet" or "What is your favorite pet?" is easy to read
    • A column header that is a several sentences long gets clunky and annoying (though it's better than a too-short column header)
  • Statwing accepts SPSS files, but the majority of the time the formatting will be cleaner and more useful if you upload a CSV or Excel file.
  • If you choose to export from SPSS, make sure to check "Save value labels where defined instead of data values"