We strongly recommend watching the below videos to get started. They’ll take a total of ten minutes. At the very least definitely watch “Getting started”.

(Note that these videos were recorded using statwing.com; if you're using the version of Statwing embedded into the Qualtrics Insight Platform you'll notice that the design of Statwing has changed a little, but the functionality remains nearly identical.)

You can also watch this 30-minute full tutorial on everything Statwing has to offer. (This tutorial uses the new baked-into-Qualtrics interface, but the functionality is very similar to that in the statwing.com version of the interface.)

Most of our help docs are for troubleshooting. If you want to dive deep on Statwing, though, reading through them could be useful.

If you're uploading your own data via statwing.com instead of using the Qualtrics Insight Platform integration

Statwing will work with poorly formatted data, but your analysis experience will be much more efficient and delightful if you follow these guidelines for formatting your data for Statwing.

If you don’t have a dataset handy, download a sample dataset to play with.