If you have more columns to add to your dataset, or you’ve made some changes in the original data, you can do so in a way that updates all your previous work with the new data.

Click “Reupload Data” to the right of your dataset.


Statwing requires that when you reupload your data the columns are in the same order as before. If you want to add new columns, they need to go on the far right side of the file.

Once you’ve uploaded the data, all your previously run analyses will update with additional data. If you’ve created any new variables previously, those new variables will appropriately apply to the new rows of data you’ve uploaded, old settings will be applied, etc.

Updating from a connected survey

If you've imported data through one of our survey connections, e.g. SurveyMonkey, you can similarly update your data by clicking the “Update Data” to the right of your dataset, or within analysis page.

These options are shown in the following pictures: