Statwing accepts data in three ways:

  • An upload of a CSV or Excel file
  • Copy-and-paste
  • Connecting to a FluidSurveys or SurveyMonkey account


If you upload via Excel or CSV or copy-and-paste, data must be formatted correctly. Some tips:

  • Except for the first row, every row of data in the table/spreadsheet should be one “datapoint.” In the table below, each datapoint is one college.
  • The first row of the spreadsheet or table should be the “Header row.” This row includes the names of the data that you’d find in each column. In the table below, to the top row is the header row, and CollegeRank, Tuition, etc. are “variables.”
  • Some software outputs tables with two header rows. Statwing will accept data with two header rows, though just one header row is ideal.
This is a well-formatted table. It has one header row, and every row after is
one datapoint (in this case, each datapoint is a college)
This is a poorly formatted table. There is no header row, and some of the
rows within the table are groupings instead of datapoints.