There are two common reasons that filters may appear not to work.


1. Your filters are set to "OR" mode

This set of filters below means that a datapoint (in this case a real estate property) must have a Sold Price of more than $100,000 AND 2 - 3 Garage Spaces to be included in the analysisj. Only properties that meet both criteria will be included.


That's typically what you want. But sometimes the "OR" button gets pushed accidentally. 

This set of filters below means that a property must have a Sold Price of more than $100,000 OR 2 - 3 Garage Spaces to be included in the analysisj. If a property meets either of those criteria, it's included.

That's sometimes necessary, but in 95% of circumstances you want the AND setting. So clicking AND will make your filters work as expected.

2. The wrong analysis card is being filtered

Each analysis result in Statwing is called a "card". To change the filters applied to that card, click the "Filters" button in the upper right of that card. Those filters will only apply to the card they are above, and to no other cards.

Often it can appear as though your filters aren't working because you've selected filters on the wrong card.